Summary Of The Title Of Oscar Wilde's Earnest

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The title of the book seems to emphasize the word “Earnest” by describing it as something important. After reading through the play by Oscar Wilde, the title seems to perfectly match with the content and plot described in the book, since it shows the irony behind the title of the importance of being earnest, and the made-up character “Ernest” himself. Jack’s double, Ernest, is a made up character who Jack can transform into in order to be another version of himself. When Jack is residing in the countryside at his manor in Hertfordshire, he is Jack, his true identity, but when his is in town in London, he transforms into his brother who is named Ernest. Gwendolen and Cecily, two young ladies that fell in love with Ernest, seem to be only in love with this character because of his “name”. Even at the end of the book when Gwendolen found out that Jack’s real name wasn’t Ernest, she didn’t want him for a small period of time because his name wasn’t Ernest, upsetting her. At the end of the Act 3, when Jack got introduced to his name, Ernest, which was a name given to him all along, Gwendolen seemed to have forgiven him in an instant since his name was Ernest after all, and she knew she would only fall in love with a man named Ernest. This imaginative character symbolizes the small value of respect that the Victorian Society shows for ideals such as honesty, responsibility, and compassion. Instead, ideals such as class, money, and status within the hierarchy of society seem

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