Summary Of Three Sovereigns For Sarah

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“Three Sovereigns for Sarah” This dramatization of a true story deals with one of the most troubling episodes in early American history, the "witch hysteria" that convulsed the village of Salem, Massachusetts, in the 1690s. The historical basis for this drama is the fact that early in the 1700s the colonial government offered to pay reparations to the survivors of those who had been killed, but only if their relatives could somehow prove that the deceased were not in fact witches. The film is a powerful, movie story about three loving sisters accused of witchcraft. This is a true story based on transcripts of the Salem Witch Trials. In the town everyone was very religious and they believe a lot in God. They go like to church and they read Gods lecture.
Sarah and her two sisters are put on trial for suspicion of witchcraft. While her sisters are burned at the stake, Sarah is sentenced to a prison term to be served in a box barely large enough for her to lie down in. She is in a house where there are other that are accused of other things, and they can’t go out. They treat them very bad. Sarah didn’t did anything to the girls, before the girls get the witchcraft thing she was sick and she didn’t get out of her house. Abby Williams, the preacher's niece, starts getting into fortune telling and such illegal activities, as taught to her by the slave Tituba. Other local girls get into it, and then start acting strange they shout, cry and make weird noises. Abby and the

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