Summary Of True Son

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Del shoots one indian then another. He is on a rampage! Bang! Bang! Bang! An Indian comes in with his army shooting to kill. Then out of nowhere white people come with their guns loaded and ready to fire at them. The white men are fighting against the Indian army. The Indians are fighting Del. True Son with tomahawks in hand starts attacking the indian army. He takes out 1, then 5, then 7, then 15. He’s dropping them like flies. Del is hitting them left and right with his gun. The white men are starting to win. Then out of nowhere the Indian army retreats back and hides. The other Indians are following Del and True Son. The arrows rain down and many of the white men die. Del ran back into a corner by the Lenape offers a truce to join and take out the rival Indians. The few remaining white man help the Lenape. The white men grab their dead friend’s guns and shoot at the rival Indians. Then True son takes the white man around behind the rival Indians. He is leading them to the archers. They blast away the enemy Indians. With shout from True Son the Lenape and Del retreat, and …show more content…

Some of the Indians still stand and True Son goes into finish them off. Then they charge out with the Lenape behind them. True Son dodging the rival Indians spears and knives cuts them down with quick clean cuts. When true son is done he walks back out of the circle. They push the Indian leader into the circle so the he fights Del. Del with an uppercut and a right cross knocks the Indian out. The lenape bring sticks to burn the Indian. Lenape and Del agree to have peace with the white man. After they made the peace they got a truce with the Indians and had trades with them every now and then. Now the whites, and Del got along good after the war with them Indians. Then After the war Del and True Son went to go visit his real mom and dad. When the he came back home his mom wasn’t sick and she was crying when she saw

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