Summary Of Walter H. Sokel's Metamorphosis

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In the article, written by Walter H. Sokel, he goes into depth about how Franz Kafka’s life is reflected in the book The Metamorphosis and his other writings. Sokel ties together multiple aspects of the novel and their importance to Gregor and his family dynamic as a whole. Many of the points made in the article address the absurdity of the situation the novel presents and the underlying meaning in the actions of the characters. The premise of the article is pointing to the facts that Gregor's predicament is Kafka inserting his own life frustrations into his literary works. In each passage of the article another part of Gregor's life is laid bare. Sokel’s many inferences that the fault is in Gregor's own doing and not his situation in life, create a complex maze of cause and effect. Sokel claims that Gregor still possesses his humanity in the novel, “retains his ability to think and feel as a human being,” which is false. Gregor no more maintains his rational ability to make decisions and think a human, …show more content…

Walter H. Sokel’s article does well in trying to encompass many deeper meanings behind the story, The Metamorphosis, but some of them are invalid and do not accurately represent the happenings in Kafka’s work. Sokel emphasized that the reason for the metamorphosis was of Gregor's own doing more than anything else. The article tries to compile several viewpoints and ideas which is confusing and unconducive to any one motive in the novel. The basis of this articles many widespread arguments is as absurd as the story it is trying to explain. Any clarity that could have been gained was overshadowed by Sokel's own conflicting ideas. In the end the causes and results that exist in the Kafka's far flung tale are neither factual nor comprehensible, leaving it up to the reader to evaluate if they themselves are absurd to question Gregor's

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