Examples Of Allegory In The Metamorphosis By Franz Kafka

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People have a high amount of pressure on them in their daily lives with social, mental, and physical appearances. Kafka represents this pressure he has on himself through Gregor. This allows Kafka to vent many emotions and feelings through this novella Everyone is there own person but some take others opinions to heart to often and need to see things are not as bad as they seem. Throughout The Metamorphosis, by Franz Kafka, Kafka displays himself through Gregor, and shows his true feelings about people and society he lives in.
With this in mind, Gregor, being an allegory for Kafka, portrays his feelings towards his family and his involvement with them. He portrays most of his feelings through his sister, and father, who are mainly static characters
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society. Kafka shows his fear of rejection. He tries to meet others but fails constantly because of his own perceptions of society and thier thoughts of him. He displays that he is, “struggling, “if possible more fiercely,”” (Kafka, 7) to get out of bed and get out into the world where society is, as he perceives, treating him so poorly. Gregor exhibits these emotions by being stuck in bed or staying in his room, by choice, until his death. The motif comes through for the reader in this quote when Gregor is stuck in bed because he is a bug and Kafka thinks he himself is a bug. This is how Kafka sees himself vs. society. He does not realize that their is always someone to bring him in and accept him. All he knows is family and so he thinks that is what society is. He shows the irony of the situation, in the novella, is the fact that he could easily leave and find new accepting people but his view of society is narrow. Gregor wants his family to accept and praise him while Kafka wants society to praise and accept him. He wants to show the damages society has done to him in the same way that Gregor reminds, “his father that “Gregor was part of the family”” (Kafka 38). Kafka wanted to remind even society that he is a person and needed acceptance like everyone else. This explains to the reader that family has a large influence on the people that are a part of it. It also shows them to accept others for who they are and help them instead of ridiculing or ignoring them. He becomes antisocial and turns away at the sight of others or the thought of having to see others all because of his appearance. appearance becomes another factor in why he does not want society to see him as he is. He might not want society to see him because he believes things will only get worse after he saw the reaction his family had toward him. Even his sister, who he still paints in a
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