Summary Of What's Really Going On By Kim Zetter

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The FBI should not force Apple Computer to create a backdoor to access the personal information stored on the Apple iPhones because it would go against the interests of Apple. According to the CNN article by Peter Bergen stated, “In addition, the firms argue that if it is known they have given the U.S. government such a backdoor, then consumers around the world will be leery of using Apple and Google and other U.S. technology products. Many tens of billions of dollars are therefore at stake.” The company Apple would lose billions in profits if they are forced to open up the software backdoor. Customers would become suspicious and distrust Apple, forcing the company to lose their customers. Also, the FBI should not force Apple Computer to create a backdoor to access the …show more content…

According to the article “Apple’s FBI Battle Is Complicated. Here’s What’s Really Going On”, by Kim Zetter who wrote, “THE NEWS THIS week that a magistrate ordered Apple to help the FBI hack an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino shooter suspects has polarized the nation—and also generated some misinformation”. The FBI claims this is the best way to protect the citizen who are customers of Apple as well is to create a software that would give them access into customers privacy. The incident that occurred on December 2015 which was an act of terrorism, has citizen believing that exposing their privacy would protect them. However, they are completely incorrect they are just exposing himself. Citizen are protected by the constitution and this forced act upon Apple has been a violation of the 14th amendment the protects the liberty of personal privacy. All in all the FBI is wrong for forcing the Apple company to expose millions of customers so they could have a leads into cases. The criminal is not the one act risk, it those who have given up their

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