Summary Of What's Wrong With Our Food System

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Trying to eat healthy food nowadays is expensive. Many people choose the cheaper food instead of purchasing organic food. In the video “What’s wrong with our food system”, Birke Baehr discusses how the industrial farms are producing the food in a rapid way but making the food to cause long-run diseases. He has found a sustainable way for people to get healthy organic local food. Birke encourages everyone to purchase their food at their local farm which have no chemicals. Furthermore, the article “Fixing Our Broken Food System: The Plate of the Union Initiative” explains how the food system is broken because the food that people can afford are from the industrial farms. It emphasis to fix this problem, people need to support the farmers by investing in research for sustainable …show more content…

Many people select the cheapest food because fresh fruits and vegetables are unaffordable for many Americans (“Fixing Our Broken Food System: The Plate of the Union Initiative”). Society needs to be aware that the fruits and vegetables are being sprayed with harmful chemicals and then radiated for them to last longer (Barhr). Society needs to know they are putting their health at risk by consuming the industrial farms food. Purchasing their food at a local farms is convenient in the long run because as Barhr said “we can either pay the farmer or we can pay the hospital”.
Different groups are being affected such as the farmers, the people who cannot afford organic food, and the industrial farm companies. The farmers are affected by the industrial farms because they are the competition. The farmers’ fruits and vegetables are expensive comparing to the industrial farms companies. The people are affected chemicals sprayed to the produce causes health problems on long run such as cancer and Alzheimer’s. Furthermore, the industrial farms companies are affected because people are teaching the communities how industrial farms grow their

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