Summary On Lamentation Of Christ

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The title of the painting is “The Lamentation of Christ” or “Mourning of Christ”. Lamentation is religious painting which is 7’ 7” by 7’ 9” and can be seen at Arena chapel in Padua. The medium used in this painting is fresco, created by Giotto in 1305. 2. This is the very powerful painting where we see Jesus’s dead body surrounded by his families, friends and people who loves him. Jesus body is removed from the cross and is carefully and gently held by his loved ones. There are numerous people around Christ, some are sitting, and some are standing. There are five figures who held Jesus body. There are three females which are wearing long gowns and have halo around their head. Then we have other two figures which have their back towards us, so we can’t identify if they are males or female figure. Jesus body is not touching the ground. The female figure who is cradles around Jesus is more likely his mother, Mary, who is mourning his son’s dead. Mother Mary have her arms around his son and have very sad face. There is a female figure in red hair who is mourning and touching the Jesus’s feet. Two of the figures holding Jesus’s hands. There is young man who symbolism St. John. He has short haircut and halo around his head. He bends towards Christ and his arms stretched outwards. He looks in very deep pain. Behind his are two men who are patiently standing and morning the Christ. There are group of people to the left of the painting who is looking at Jesus in sense of deep

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