Summary: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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There are two forms of mental illness that are primarily associated with deployment, . they are post-traumatic stress disorder and Traumatic brain Injury. Post-traumatic stress disorder is a brain disorder that occurs after a traumatic event such as a car accident. This mental illness effects the psychological functions of the brain rather than the cognitive functions but can be caused by a physically traumatic event. The effect PTSD has on the brain causes people to have psychological flashbacks of an event when mental triggers similar to the traumatic event occur. When associated with war PTSD is commonly caused by death of a close friend or battalion member and can also be traced to isolation on the battlefield. Studies have shown that rates…show more content…
()They struggle with getting jobs, talking to friends and family and in extreme cases commit suicide. Studies have also shown that those diagnosed with the most symptoms tend to seek the least amount of help. The lack of treatment can lead to an increase in the severity of their mental illness. TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) is similar to PTSD but occurs specifically from physical trauma to the brain. Car accidents, extreme sports injuries and concussions are the most common causes of this injury but combat veterans primarily get it from improvised explosive devices while deployed. TBI is different from PTSD because it affects the cognitive abilities of the brain as opposed to the psychological. This is especially hard for returning veterans because remembering specific memories and education become extremely hard to retain information. 25,111 service men were diagnosed with TBI in 2014 featuring symptoms such as amnesia, uncontrollable laughing or crying, severe mood changes, difficulty retaining information and making new…show more content…
The effects as a result of the physical and psychological trauma make these mental illnesses a issue in society. However the issue is not those effected but rather the problems associated with them. The way society reacts to addicts and homeless veterans turns them into a deeper depression. Treatment programs help and as time progresses more people are exposed to rebuilding their life in a healthy way. Not all veterans have been helped yet and the goal of rehabilitation programs is to make them integrate back into society
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