Summary : The Slave Next Door

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Today’s slavery is one of the most diabolical strains to emerge in the thousands of years in which humans have been enslaving their fellows. In the modern global society, there are not just only one kind of human race that specifically victim of human traffic, today it come in all races, all types, and all ethnicities, which became the “Equal Opportunity Slavery” that Bales and Soodalter were mentioned in their book, The Slave Next Door. It is proving itself to be worse than the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade that historically took place from the 1500s to the 1800s.
The authors are concerning the increase the number of human trafficking with approximately twenty-seven million people in bondage. In fact, more than twice as many people are in bondage in the world today than were taken from Africa during the entire 350 years of the Atlantic slave trade. And it is also one of most third profitable criminal of all the time in humanity’s history; after dealing drug and weapons. This is the reason why Bales and Soodalter say today’s slavery is the serious crime that all people should be aware of. I was shocked. You know that moment when you read something but you have to reread it because you can’t even imagine that is true? It happened to me when I read chapter 1 of SND. The numbers of human trafficking were incredible, we are talking about twenty-seven million people who are in slave in all over the world, people who cannot walk away, people who

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