African Voices : African American

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African Voices Chapter 1: When we hear the terms “slave” or “slave trade” the first thing that comes to mind is African Americans. Slave trade a term taught often in history classes has a meaning that has now become synonymous with African American. There term trade summons up images of exchanging goods for service. The sad truth is that this has not become a common sequence, almost like a math equation whose answer is always African American. Some useful ways to talk about slave trade is by restoring humanity to the millions who died under the racial global order. By referring to slave trade as “european slave trade” we are able to disconnect the word african from slave trade however, it gives the audience the wrong idea concerning the awful things these people went through. We need to bring humanity back to the name of the African Americans. The Reconquista was the main reason why these African Americans were captured and enslaved. The shrine retaking of the Iberian peninsula set the wave of transatlantic slave system. The Portuguese got rid of muslim dictators much sooner than the Spanish. While doing this the Portuguese acquired cannon to their vessels, and established plantation of the coats of western Africa. They then raided African communities for captives and soon these very same captives were replacing the other slaves in places like Portugal, Spain, and France. If it weren 't for the Portuguese this africanization of the trade in enslaved humans would not have

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