Summary: What Happened At Squaw Valley Ski Resort

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Below are several details concerning the situation at Squaw Valley Ski Resort that has forced several precautionary steps to be put into place.

What Happened At Squaw Valley And When

Over this past summer, Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows underwent an upgrade and servicing routine to the well system that serves both High Camp and Gold Coast facilities at the famed resort. In this procedure, a well-head device was relocated from the existing subterranean vaults to above-ground well-houses. Part of the procedure also called for replacing supply pipelines and thereby diminish any surface water penetration.

However, after the certification, testing and return-to-service approvals were initially given, 9.5 inches of rain over a 72-hour period fell on the region. As a result …show more content…

“We have agreed on a plan to let Squaw Valley open the upper mountain in a way that will protect public health, and allow skiers to access and enjoy the facilities.”

Nicks further went on to say: "When a water system shows low levels of coliform and no E. coli, it can be used for restrooms but not for consumption — and that’s exactly what’s going on right now on upper mountain."

"With continued treatment, including flushing the system with chlorine and rinsing it, as well as injecting sodium hydrochloride for safety, three of the four wells should be able to come back online

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