Summary and Review of 'The Tale of Kieu'

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The Tale Kieu In The Tale of Kieu a young woman is forced into a lifetime of immorality and subservience to the dominant male culture of her community. The young woman at the heart of the story is not moral. However, her morality or not is really not what the story is about at all. Instead, it is the patriarchal society within Vietnam that is the true central character of the piece. In the history of Vietnam, members of the female gender have had a history of ostracism and oppression by the males of that society. Masculinity itself is found in the poem through the minor male characters of the piece. The character of Kieu is immoral because she is forced into actions against her own set of ethics by the society in which she lives. Morality is judged by the sociology of the surrounding culture. Under the moral rules of Vietnamese society, Kieu is immoral and the men around her who sexualize her and force her into immoral acts are in the moral right. In Vietnam, women have traditionally been placed in positions of marginalization, where they were secondary to the males in power and expected to be completely subservient to men in every way. The morality of the society dictates that a woman be kind and quiet, that she takes care of the household and that she holds no higher ambition than to serve her husband and raise his children. Women who do not conform to these characteristics are considered wicked and made miserable. Their unhappiness, instead of being laid at the feet

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