Essay about Summary for Jack the Ripper

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Allison Armstrong
History 111
Professor Bruce Dickerson
March 28, 2013

“The Hunt for Jack the Ripper” Jack the Ripper was said to be the first serial killer in the modern sense. In the article “The Hunt for Jack the Ripper,” William D. Rubinstein’s main idea is to explain and examined some of the murder victims, and possible suspects for Jack the Ripper. Rubinstein goes into great detail to try and define who the ripper actually was, but this is still an unsolved mystery in history. Rubinstein’s main ideas are the different possibilities for Jack the Ripper; however there was one person in particular that people believed was the Ripper for over twenty years. Another main part of this article was discussing victims of Jack the …show more content…

The reason I am led to believe this is because of the way they did it for so long, and the way organs were taken out. Researchers said that they suspected many doctors of being the Ripper, because you would have to know the body anatomically. THE BRUTAL MURDERS OF FIVE prostitutes in London's East End in the autumn of 1888 by an unknown killer who came to be called Jack the Ripper' are probably the most famous unsolved crimes in history. First he would strangle his victims, cut their throats and eviscerated them. His last victim, Mary Jean Kelly, he completely butchered ,cutting off her breasts , taking the flesh from her legs down to the bone , eviscerated her also ,and cut out her heart. Joseph Barnet, her lover, identified her only by her hair color. Many of Jack the Ripper’s victim’s showed signs of cannibalism. No one is certain of how many people Jack the Ripper killed. The diary of Jack the Ripper was denounced as a crude forgery, dating from a year or two before it was made public. Even to those inclined to view it as genuine, its provenance remains unclear. It is incoherently written in a stream-of consciousness style, but for the most part contains boasting, near-hysterical passages by Maybrick of anticipation at killing prostitutes, fooling the police, and avenging his wife's adultery. It also contains semi-coherent descriptions of the five Ripper murders, which is the only reason people are for sure

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