Summary on Father Damien of Molokai¡¦S Life

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Summary on Father Damien of Molokai¡¦s Life

Who was Father Damien?
„« Father Damien was formally known as Joseph de Veuster
„« He was born on January 3rd 1840
„« Damien was born to a farming couple on Tremeloo Belgium.
„« He attended college at Brine-le-Comte.
„« He entered the congregation of the sacred Hearts of Jesus.
„« He Became a Picpus Brother on October the 7th 1860.
„« Damien followed his brothers dream, now his as well and went into a mission aboard
„« On the 19th of march 1864, he landed at Honolulu Harbour.
„« He was ordained to the priesthood on may 24th 1864 at the cathedral of our lady of peace.
„« Damien believed that the Lepers at the very last needed a priest.
„« On may 10, 1873 Damien arrived at the secluded
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Summary on Father Damien of Molokai¡¦s Life

Describe the experiences of Lepers on Molokai
„« Native Hawaiians became afflicted by disease inadvertently introduced to the Hawaiian islands by foreign traders and sailors.
„« Thousands died of influenza, syphilis and other ailments which had never before affected Hawaiians.
„« King Kamehameha IV segregated the lepers of the kingdom and moved them to a settlement colony on the north side of the island of Molokai.
„« The royal board of health provided them with supplies and food but did not yet have the resources to offer proper healthcare.
„« There were six hundred lepers living at Kalaupapa.
„« These people were forced to fight each other to survive.
„« At kohala, the scourge of leprosy (Hansen¡¦s Disease) was keenly felt, claiming many of his parishioners who were sent to the newly- founded leper settlement on Molokai.
„« In 1865, a permanent quarantine area was established when the legislature passed the Act to Prevent the spread of the disease.
„« The first boat load of patients departed form Honolulu Harbor for the settlement in 1868, the arrival at Kalaupapa bought more hardship and despair.
„« Abandoned by society and the medical profession, the patients were left without hope in a hostile environment.
„« Conditions at the seetlement became notoriously bad. New arrivals were greeted with ¡§ Aole kanawai ma reia wahi¡¨ translated it meant ¡§in
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