Summative: Pros And Cons Of Globalization And The Global Economy

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Globalization Summative 2

Globalization is a process by which different businesses develop an international influence. It’s a process of an interaction among people the government and companies from different nations. Globalization has a variety of different types. There is political, social and economic globalization. Globalization has many pros as well as some cons. Some of the pros are that that they improve the global economy, they expand knowledge of foreign cultures as well as they make decisions for the world not the country. Some of the cons are that they make the rich people richer than they are now as well as there will be a loss of culture.

Is Globalization a positive or negative thing? Globalization has 3 sides. The good, bad and the ugly. The good side of globalization is companies taking decisions easily and helping out people in need, the bad side of …show more content…

They are a Japanese multinational company/consumer in electronics, video games. They are located in Kyoto. They are one of the biggest video game companies since the early 19th century and till now, have come out worth great titles such as Mario, Zelda. They were found in 19th century in September. Nintendo since then have had many ups downs. They were first a business marketed “Hanafunda” cards. They did not start to create games until the 20th Century in July where they released the “Famicon” which was a Family Computer which was only available in Japan at the time and that was the 1st cartridge based console at that time and since Nintendo has been creating different consoles through the year. Nintendo has grown as a company opening up branches all over the world making it multinational

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