Globalization And Globalization

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Globalization is taking place across the world where people can either become globalization or stay local in the state or country. People are very controversial about globalization helping local economies and local businesses. Some people believe globalization is helping local businesses into the markets and then there are some that believe that multinational corporations hurting the local small businesses. What is globalization? “the development of an increasingly integrated global economy marked especially by free trade, free flow of capital, and the tapping of cheaper foreign labor markets” (). Globalization has started long before we were born.
The first earliest of globalization was the Silk Road that a trade route around two hundred
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The most imported products and food are iPhones and chocolate beans since they can’t be made in the United States due to the environment and the choices the maker has decided. Most of all, it makes our lives feel further connected and wanting to support where our products came from. For the people who determine to not like the idea of Globalization, says that local businesses have been shutting down due to multinational corporations, having advanced in Science and Technology gotten people to lose their jobs. Throughout six articles, all have their own viewpoints about globalization is or is not helping local business and local economies.
The local businesses tapping into more markets with the help of Globalization. The world is changing, we are living longer than before, capita income has gone up, advance in science and technology and change of poverty due to globalization taking part of our lives (Bildt). Employment and economic growth are recovering almost everywhere. “Since 1990, the share of people living in extreme poverty in the developing world has fallen from 47% to 14%, and child mortality -- a critical indicator -- has been halved” (Bildt). It all depends on what area you live that is changing because of the consumers believe certain countries make the best product.
In this article called “Globalization and Global Political Theory,” talks about how our culture, economics, political, and respectable relationship with complete strangers from all over the

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