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block 4, semester 2 Mrs.Lambert English IV Honors Chapter One: Quotes "I was not there, yet I was there." – page 3 Feeling of presents though he was absent from the situation. "A fool does what others tell him to do." – page 7 explaing the old philosophy of not succumbing to peer pressure even in racist america. Chapter Two: Quotes "I don’t want them to kill no hog," she said. "I want a man to go to that chair, on his own two feet." – page 13 Page Saying that executing jefferson would be as wastful as slaughtering a hog. "He don’t have to," Miss Emma said again. – page 14 Yet again being anti peer pressure Chapter Three: Quotes "I had nothing to do all that day but…show more content…
157 explaing the Juries in the south. "I’m going for a walk, a long walk in the opposite direction." pg. 159 a live metaphor of a long succesful life. Chapter Twenty-two: Quote: "I never got nothing I wanted in my whole life. Now, I’m go’n get a whole day?" pg. 170 one more day to live. Chapter Twenty-four: Quotes "He looked at me as if to remind me that I was supposed to say Mister before a white man’s name." pg. 188 the “Proper place “ for a black man. 28."A godson obeys, but a friend – well, a friend would do anything to please a friend." pg. 190 freindship versus obligation Chapter Twenty-seven: Quote: "I know my people. I know what they gone through." pg. 218 The history of african americans. Chapter Twenty-eight: Quote "I’m all right, Mr. Wiggins." pg. 225 a show of respect even for those who have none for them. Chapter Twenty-nine: Quote "Goodbye, Mr. Wiggin tell them I’m strong tell them I’m a man." pg. 234 Posterity. Chapter Thirty: Quote "Yes, Jefferson, I’ll be there." pg. 245 A promise among friends . Chapter Thirty-one: Quotes "Nothing will ever be the same after today." pg. 248 Life change and resolution. 34. "I felt like crying, but I refused to cry. No, I would not cry. There were too
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