Summer Time Or Screen Time Research

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Summer Time or Screen Time? We all love that time of year, you know, when you go to your last class, or you clean out your locker. It feels so gratifying to not have to wake up early in the morning or stay up late at night doing late assignments. Some people go to the beach for their summer vacation and others go to camp. You would think, it is finally vacation, I can have my phone for the entire day and not get in trouble, but that is just the case. When you go to these, so-called, “camps”, it is more like prison than it is an escape. Most camps have buckled down on their cell phone policies. They won’t allow you to use them and their reason of why, is a great example of “real “ summer time. You may ask yourselves why they would do such …show more content…

They tell you that cell phones are not allowed, and I thought that this was going to be the death of me. It was hard for even the first hour without my phone. I was so used to checking Facebook or responding to text messages, so to even last a week, was pretty incredible. You may think that this is easy, but when technology is a main part in every aspect of your life, it can be very challenging. The first two days were hard because I always thought that my phone was vibrating in my pocket. “He says he felt phantom vibrations from his empty pocket for weeks. "I'd like think I got a text and I'd like look around in my pockets, like, 'Where's my phone?’.” Once I had gotten past those first two or three days, it was so much easier. Do you ever feel the stress when you scroll through your feed on Facebook or Instagram, and you see all of your friends having the time of their lives, while you are stuck at home, watching movies and eating all day? “What first felt onerous and restrictive, now feels liberating. And it's completely cured her "FOMO," or "Fear Of Missing Out," that she feels when she scrolls through everyone else's smiling, laughing posts.” When I had gotten home from camp, I had over 50 notifications and it didn’t bother me. I had so much fun while I was at camp, teaching kids about God, that I didn’t really care if I had missed my friends meeting for coffee, or if there was a birthday party that I …show more content…

Have your opinions changes on the uses of technology that our society so gently offers? If they have that is great! If they haven’t that is okay also. Either way I challenge you to try to remove some of the addicting uses of technology in your life. Instead of coloring on your iPad or computer, try using pencils and this thing called “paper”. Try using your imagination and create something without the controlling powers of

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