Summery and Response of Webster’s Article on Archeology in Beowulf

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In Webster’s article, she talks about the different things that make Beowulf the poem what it is today. In her article she talks about different things like swords, shields, halls, and cultures. She takes these subjects and talks about where they originated and why they are in the poem. She takes the poem and breaks it down into the different subjects, and shows the reader how they add to the texture of the poem. Webster ends her article by stating that the poem would not be what it was today without these subjects, and these subjects were the reason that Beowulf has so much texture. The author, in this case Leslie Webster, did a very good job of persuading the readers that these subjects were the only things that brought texture to the …show more content…

This makes it easier for the reader to understand and comprehend what she is saying. When Webster talks about a subject, she has so much information that she simply puts that subject into its own category and just lets it be. This helps to keep the subjects from running together, and this helps the reader because the they only have to read about one subject at a time instead of having them all run together. Second, Webster does an amazing job at backing up her information. After she states a point or introduces a subject, she presents the information about that subject and backs it up with facts. For example, she introduces the topic of helmets. Once she does this, Webster starts to talk about how helmets came from the Germanic warrior. She does this throughout her whole article. This helps the readers to understand where exactly all the information they are reading about is coming from. This also brings a whole other aspect to Beowulf in that it shows the readers where everything came from. The poem Beowulf was written so long ago and by an unknown author; therefore, having all this information helps the reader to understand what is happening in the poem and really shows the reader where what they are reading about is coming from. Another example of her providing this information is when she is talking about the mail-coats and how they originated around the tenth century. The last thing that really helps prove Webster is

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