Super Smash Brothers : The Roles Of Violence In Video Brothers

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Society has flourished through many waves of technology and media advancement. Technology innovations have been expanding on the existence of video games and movies. These technical mechanisms have been portraying violent actions to the public. Certain video games have a greater impact on certain individuals. The violence in the video game Super Smash Bros plays a role on influencing individuals through the moral schools of thought, effectiveness of the game, and determining censors.

Super Smash Bros is a typical violent game from my childhood. The game starts with choosing any of the variety characters ranging from Pikachu to Mario. As players have their character, there becomes a decision on which arena to battle in. When the game starts, the objective of the game is to fight and kill every character. The last man standing wins the game. The violence in Super Smash bros can have an impact on people’s understandings and behavior.

The content of Super Smash Bros may adhere to the moral theories of Subjectivism, Ethical Egoism, Utilitarianism and Virtue Moral. Subjectivism discuses that peoples opinions are based on feelings and emotions. The theory plays a role in Super Smash Bros by basing emotions from winning or losing a fight. Children’s opinions may determine which characters are horrible, and may associate it with other games with the same characters. The emotions may skew the perception of the game causing hatred toward the overall goal or people. Furthermore, it

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