Supermarket Shoppers Always Want A Bargain

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Supermarket shoppers always want a bargain. But most of them tend to buy famous brands over cheaper super market owned ones. The exception of this is Aldi in Australia. Aldi shoppers hunt for bargains more than other supermarket chain shoppers like Woolworths and Coles. The brand of a product is not a big factor for Aldi customers when it comes to making purchasing decisions. Aldi 's brand prices are cheaper than both Coles own brand (6%) and Woolworths select brand range (27%).To compete with Aldi ,which is increasingly becoming a threat to the supermarket giants both Coles and Woolworths had strategies. Coles planned to expand its own brand 's products to boost growth and as well as compete with its main rival, Woolworths. Woolworths on the other hand had a different strategy. It planned to match or beat Coles ' prices and match the entry level product prices of Aldi products. It also intends to attract customers with improved stores and better prices by spending half a billion dollars. Though it already has spent $122 million on cutting back on prices, to remain on top in this increasingly competitive industry they will have to a sustainable marketing strategy. Aldi 's strategy to compete with the big companies is focusing on their selected range on products .
Aldi shoppers look for bargains when they shop and the supermarket is giving their customers exactly what they want , cheaper prices than home brands of Coles and Woolworths

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