Supernatural Elements Of Macbeth By William Shakespeare

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Supernatural Forces In Macbeth 1)Even today people struggle with whether or not to believe in supernatural forces, such as ghosts or witchcraft, but those who would admit that they let the supernatural guide their behaviors and predict their futures would be harder to find. 2) Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth, takes place during medieval times when many people believed strongly in the presence and power of witchcraft and in the supernatural. 3) In Macbeth, Shakespeare uses three witches, a floating dagger, and Banquo’s ghost, as supernatural forces which increasingly motivate and influence Macbeth’s actions as the play progresses. Near the end of the play, Macbeth becomes so influenced by these forces that almost all of his actions are …show more content…

11)Shakespeare uses the supernatural as a constant underlying theme of the play, with the witches’ words placing the idea of greater power and fame in Macbeth’s head, but Macbeth makes his own evil choices in pursuit of his originally noble goal of becoming King.
4)Another form of the supernatural Shakespeare uses is the floating dagger Macbeth sees before he commits to killing King Duncan. 5)The floating dagger, covered in blood, symbolizes evil, and leads Macbeth to go forward with his plan to kill Duncan. As Macbeth questions whether he should commit the murder, he sees a “bloody dagger” appearing before him with the handle pointing towards his hand, and he speaks “Come, let me clutch thee”(Shakespeare 2.1.41-42). 6)Macbeth’s doubts about killing the King disappear, as Shakespeare uses the dagger to lure Macbeth towards King Duncan’s room. 7)Macbeth sees the dagger as a sign, that he is being led by the supernatural to commit the murder, but really he is only following his own greedy desire to become King. 8)The floating dagger appears to hypnotize Macbeth, because he confesses “mine eyes are the fools o’ the other senses” (Shakespeare 2.1.52). 9)Shakespeare has Macbeth kill Duncan to illustrate a change in Macbeth as he grows more evil in pursuit of his goals. Macbeth becomes more dependent on what he believes the

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