Superstition And Religion

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Superstition and Religion: How It Affects Western and Eastern Medicine My personal experiences with religion and superstition are skewed due to the evolvement of the way I perceive things today. Furthermore, I can easily realize that I do not have this one set mind where everything should revolve around God and the Catholic Church. Taking time to understand why certain things happen for a reason, and gradually becoming aware of what people choose to believe in shaped my personal views on religion and the beliefs of unseen forces today. Based on Marvin Harris, the world may never have a solid answer as to why and how cultures decided to establish religious beliefs as well as superstition. As for the Hmong culture, however, there is a sign of major controversy with beliefs in religion and superstition. The practices of Eastern and Western medicine will meet in the middle despite culture clashes.
The reasons behind why people believe in religion as well as how religious culture has evolved can be seen in Marvin Harris’ article, “Why We Became Religious”. Harris, an anthropologist, defines the differences between spiritual beliefs and superstition. People perceive the importance of the role of spirituality as well as the unseen. Harris exemplifies this point with the term “mana”, which means “magical power” in the Melanesian language. He goes on to discuss how Western culture expresses the concepts of luck with baseball players who touch their caps or spit and rub into

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