Supply Chain Management Of Interest

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Three current positions in supply chain management of interest • Supply chain manager • Regional operations manager • Procurement manager Some of the job titles found from research in the supply chain industry includes: Supply chain analyst Supply chain consultant International supply chain manager Logistics manager Inventory control manager Materials manager Production manager Purchasing manager System support manager Transportation manager Vendor managed inventory coordinator Procurement coordinator Most of the titles positions above, employers are seeking for holder of bachelor degree in business or related with more experience or master degree in business or related with less experience as most preferred, which will include experience in operations or supply chain field, lean manufacturing concept and application, leadership skills and knowledge, developing and managing budgets, mentoring and coaching team, group or members, ability to build high performance team, and strong leadership abilities with strong technical as well as quantitative skills (, 2015). Employers are also seeking for candidates that possess analytical and decision making skills, flexible to accommodate changes in the business strategy, technology, and demonstrates ability , and potential to effectively to work with a variety of constituencies, such as business partners, suppliers and vendors, employees alike as well as legislators respectively (, 2015). After taking
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