A Brief Note On The Supply Chain Management

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Introduction – Technology in Supply Chain Management Till not to long ago the area of Supply Chain management was seen as a task that took place in the background without any dedicated resources. Majority of the people thought it was only used by large brands that have an international distribution need. When there was an issue in the supply chain, people were pulled from their existing jobs to fix the issue. Once the problem was solved, the people would go back to their original tasks. There was a lack of patience, demand and awareness amongst the customers back in the day, as online ordering and tracking were processes that they weren’t familiar with. For example, even the service provided by the U.S. Postal Service was considered …show more content…

It became obvious that observing the route of goods using pins on a map would no longer make the cut. Technology has crept into SCM slowly, starting with electronic invoicing, computerized shipping and tracking as well as automated notifications that were progressively used by companies like FedEx and UPS. Initially intended for business-to-business interactions, it took time before that level of tracking and accountability was provided to consumers. But it became quite clear that notifying everyone along the chain has become increasingly important. It was only when companies like Zappos which positioned itself to be customer friendly, by creating a tagline "Powered by Service," came into limelight that clients got a flavor of how they have a huge role to play in purchases. Zappos as on online company, did not start with brick-and-mortar stores, so instead of adapting to new technology, they were embraced by it. The fact that the consumers get notified at every step of the process is what makes them love the experience. Before deciding to make the purchase, extensive reviews can be read to make an informed decision, they can also have a check on the mother brand. This set the benchmark for online customer service; firm that could match up to this standard gain a competitive advantage. Companies like Apple and Harley Davidson use this benefit to further personalize the buying experience by going

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