Supply Chain Management : Walmart And Amazon Essay

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The supply chain management is considered as a management concept from past two decades as the customers are concerned about timely and safe delivery. The competitiveness has been increasing among the companies to deliver the products as quickly as possible to the customers all around the world. This has made the supply chain management as a vital tool for the management. This is also measured as a competitive parameter for the companies.
The two supply chains of Walmart and Amazon are different from each other and are efficient at their own perspectives. Both the supply chains are highly efficient in reaching out the customers in different ways. Walmart’s supply chain is completely based on store based retailing whereas Amazon’s supply chain is based on online retailing. The various methods followed by Walmart in its supply chain are vendor management inventory, cross-docking and central warehousing. Amazon acts as a retailer, as a third party and as an agent in supply chain management while selling various products through online.
The third party logistics (TPL) and fourth party logistics (FPL) act as a support system for companies to effectively formulate and manage their supply chain process.
Walmart’s supply chain:
When the ‘bricks and mortar’ store based retailing is considered, Walmart employs different methods of supply chain. Vendor management inventory is one of the methods run down by Walmart for an efficient
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