Analysis And Evaluation Of Walmart

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I. BACKGROUND Walmart the supercenter giant was founded in Rogers, Arkansas in 1962(Walmart). Founded by Sam Walton with his visionary leadership and along with his associates they focused on helping consumers and communities to save money and live better (Walmart). The successful retail giant has been known to dominate markets and operate on global efficiencies. Walmart operates in 27 countries with more than 11,000 stores serving more than 2 million consumers worldwide (Walmart). The economic satisfaction encouraged Walmart to develop new strategies and methods that they are now using to help with management. The retail giant has been very successful with Inventory Management and there Forecasting methods. Some key tactics they incorporate within success of inventory management are strategic vendor partnerships, fewer links in the supply chain, cross docking and technology. In result to having such inventory system Walmart is able to forecast and plan for any unforeseen circumstances. II. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report provides the analysis and examples of inventory management system and forecasting methods of Walmart. Methods of analysis and evaluation include Walmart strategic vendor partnerships, fewer links in supply chain, cross docking, and technology. Results of methods mentioned show Walmart accruing a high inventory turnover ratio of 8.1 (Bloomberg). In comparison to other retailer on regional and global scale Walmart hits industry highs with 71.9% in market share
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