Supply and Demand

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Chapter 2 1) Suppose a new discovery in computer manufacturing has just made computer production cheaper. Also, the popularity and usefulness of computers continues to grow. Use Supply and Demand analysis to predict how these shocks will affect equilibrium price and quantity of computers. Is there enough information to determine if market prices will rise or fall? Why? 2) Suppose the cable TV industry is currently unregulated. However, due to complaints from consumers that the price of cable TV is too high, the legislature is considering placing a price ceiling on cable TV below the current equilibrium price. Assuming the government does make this price ceiling law, please construct a diagram that shows the impact of this law on…show more content…
Diagram Bobby's budget constraint. Now, suppose Bobby's parents buy him a $300 gift certificate each semester that can only be used to buy books. Diagram Bobby's budget constraint when he has the gift certificate in addition to his $500 income. Is Bobby better-off with the gift certificates? Chapter 4 8) Margaret's optimal consumption is shown in the diagram below for two different prices of Hy-Vee Cola. Decompose the change in Hy-Vee Cola consumption into income and substitution effects. Do the effects work in opposite directions? 9) Suppose that the demand for artichokes (Qa) is given as: Qa = 120 - 4P a. What is the point price elasticity of demand if the price of artichokes is $10? b. Suppose that the price of artichokes increases to $12. What will happen to the number of artichokes sold and the total expenditure by consumers on artichokes? c. At what price if any is the demand for artichokes infinitely elastic? 10) The market supply curve of rubber erasers is given by QS = 35,000 + 2,000P. The demand for rubber erasers can be segmented into two components. The first component is the demand for rubber erasers by art students. This demand is given by qA = 17,000 – 250P. The second component is the demand for rubber erasers by all others. This demand is given by qO = 25,000 – 2000P. Derive the total market demand curve for rubber erasers. Find the equilibrium market price and quantity. Also,

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