Essay on Bus 640 Week 5

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Joe Chatman Ashford University BUS 640 Managerial Economics Dr. David Brownfield January 14, 2013 Chapter 11, Applied Problem, 8 a. This particular industry has a constantly increasing cost. There will be an increase in the demand for input factors for one key reason. Every day, new companies will be introduced into this market of remodeling, economic profits being the encouraging factor. Because of this, there will be a bid up on input prices for the companies in the industry of remodeling. “When a market is characterized by a large number of small producers, the demand curve facing the manager of each individual firm is horizontal at the price determined by the…show more content…
On particular piece of evidence that can be shown to the FTC is in that the elasticity of demand either remained unaffected by this merger or that it increased. Taking this into consideration, if a comparison of price elasticity was done before and after the merger, there would be proof that consumers still had a large amount of substitutes available in the market. Depending on the type of market present, such as a Global Market, it would be relatively simple to prove the wide array of substitutes that were available to the consumers. This particular merger may have been done for what every company is looking for, which is cost savings. One other form of evidence to be provided to the FTC is a statement of costs, which should show costs before and after the merge. Chapter 13, Applied Problem, 1 McDonald’s make a poor business decision when they had the consumer purchase the fries as well as the drink in order to receive the promotional price. In this particular economy, if McDonald’s was smart, they would have created a new promotion and merged into it before the competitors had realized what was going on. This would have given McDonald’s a clear advantage. With this particular move, several problems were present in utilizing game theory to predict their profits. With the onslaught of fast-food corporations, McDonald’s has endless rivals in the burger world. This being the case, just reducing prices of a product will not do anything for
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