Support Diversity Within The School

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PART A Brisbane Catholic Education ensures that schools are an inclusive, supportive and engaging environment for all students, staff and caregivers. It strives to build a community that values, celebrates and responds to diversity (Brisbane Catholic Education, 2015). Catholic schools cater for students who have a diverse range of personal characteristics and experiences. These characteristics and experience include various physical, religious, cultural, personal health or wellbeing, intellectual, psychological, socio-economic or life experiences (Queensland Catholic Education Commission, ______). This diversity provides an opportunity to embellish the communal life of the school (Brisbane Catholic Education, 2015). This essay will …show more content…

Brisbane Catholic Education defines inclusive practice as the “provision of educational opportunities that may require reasonable adjustments but does not impose on unjustifiable hardships on the school, for students with a wide range of abilities, backgrounds and aspirations in the school setting” (Van Kraayenoord, Elkins, Palmer & Richards, 2000, p.9). Queensland Catholic Education Commission position statement Inclusive Practices in Catholic Schools in Queensland has been developed on the foundation of valuing diversity. It delineates teachers of the responsibility to recognize human rights and to ensure adjustments are made to further enable access of the curriculum and achievement by everyone. The Disability Standards for Education (2005), formulated under the Disability Discrimination Act (1992) states that schools have the obligation to work in a partnership with families to ensure that the school provides reasonable adjustments that balance the interest of all parties. Brisbane Catholic Education Learning and Teaching Framework (2012) states that “Every learner is in some respect, like all others, like some others, like no other”. This policy addresses the particular support needs of students with disability, and is linked closely to the values and goals of the Learning and Teaching Framework and to the position statement, Inclusive Practices in Catholic Schools in Queensland (Catholic

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