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According to the University of Washington (n.d), grief is a normal and natural response to loss. Though there are other losses that can trigger grief, the death of a family member or a friend can be devastating to an individual. Grief is an emotional reaction to loss and is not a pathological disorder (Grief Recovery Method, 2013). Persons react differently during the time of grief. Some effects of grief are anger, depression, loss of appetite, irritability and intense sadness or tears when memory is triggered (University of Washington, n.d). Support groups meet for the purpose of giving emotional support and information to persons with a common problem (Kurtz, 1997). These groups are a way of bringing people together in a safe space to …show more content…

They share experience and advice and also provide an avenue for individuals to open up in a comfortable environment. In light of this I hypothesize that, support groups helps individuals to overcome grief. Lewin’s law of change explains that, it is easier to change individuals formed in groups than to change them separately (Kamininski, 2011). Group support can promote change in individuals and individuals join groups to enhance this change. When a person is experiencing grief, they don’t seek professional advice but would voluntarily seek out a support group. Persons join these voluntary groups where members share their common problem for the purpose of exchanging social support (Forsyth, 2010, p.483). The characteristics of a support group are that they focus on specific problems, encourage members …show more content…

If a person does not grieve effectively, a part of them remains tied to the past (University of Washington, n.d). Healthy grieving helps in the ability to resolve the importance of the loss and find inner peace to eventually move on. The strength of support groups lie in the connections that individuals have with each other and the understanding that helps their common focus. Grief support groups provide assistance to participants in a number of ways. The Austrailian Centre for Grief and Bereavement (n.d) states those persons can be helped by, listening and sharing personal experience, discovering personal strengths, creating social networks and reducing isolation, normalizing the grief journey, building resilience and providing relevant information. These are just some of the ways that support groups can help a person to overcome grief. Family members support during this time also strengthens a person and helps them to cope and make the grieving process a little easier. The cohesion of a family in hand with the support groups plays a key role in aiding an individual to deal with grief. Although there are many positives to grief support groups there are studies that suggest a different view on grief support groups. A study conducted by Dr. the Center for Crisis Psychology (2009 – 2011) in Norway states that

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