Support Systems Play A Major Role For A Patient 's Recovery Of An Illness

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Support systems play a major role in a patient’s recovery of an illness, particularly a mental illness. In Patient Y’s case I believe that he did not have a good support system. The closest support member he mentioned was his sister. He said that she occasionally visits him and will stay the weekend to make sure he is doing okay. He also mentioned that he does not talk about his mental illness or problems to her, because he does not want to be a burden on her. Another person he mentioned was his girlfriend, who lives 6 hours away, but he may only see her 4x a year and they do not frequently communicate through phone, e-mail, or letters. Patient Y was never married and has no children. Patient Y was Caucasian and I did not recognize any cultural aspects that would influence his illness positively or negatively. Patient Y’s philosophy or meaning of life, I believe is to be the utmost best “professional” soccer coach he could be. His passion for soccer was truly conveyed to me throughout the conversation with him. Our conversation even began by him calling me over by saying “come here soccer player.” He mentioned that he wanted to be discharged from the hospital in order to get back on the field and continue his training sessions. I believe his drive for soccer is what is keeping him alive and coaching is what fuels him to wake up each morning. It was an incredible experience that I was able to interact with a patient who shared the same passion as myself. From

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