Support The Frightfullly Hopeful Future of Technological Singularity

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Support The Frightfully Hopeful Future of Technological Singularity Imagine. One day your Doctor regretfully informs you the person you love the most in your life is tragically going pass away due to an incurable disease. Instantly, overwhelming feelings of despair and anger burn inside your chest while graphic scenes of funeral details and goodbyes flood your mind eventually propelling you to the rhetorical question everyone asks, “Is there anything we can do?” Then, The Doctor hands you a pamphlet saying, “Have you ever heard of nanotechnology?” This Doctor is no “Mad Scientist”; in fact, he is a highly trained professional that has saved several lives with his proposition. What would you say? This small-scale scenario is the perplexing situation the human race will have to face in the near future. Although some would consider the merger of technology and human biology a completely “crack pot” idea, It is this hasty decision of judgment that explains our reaction to fear. This fear resonates with most of the population globally since it is this very generation that has witnessed the exponential growth of technology. Physically, psychologically and spiritually, technological singularity threatens our future and shakes the foundation of morality. However, does this change bring about negative or positive ramifications? With Technological Singularity’s future being so unpredictable, it would not be wise to ignore its possibilities especially since it was the human race,

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