Essay on Supporting Gay Marriage

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To assure justice in human societies, there must be a system of equality set in place. The implementation of ethical theories allow for governing bodies, nations and democratic societies to create a justice system that reflects the needs of a societies citizens. Human rights are a relatively new idea that has not yet spread to many parts of the world. In the United States, there is a clear distinction between those who are in support for issues regarding social justice issues and those who are not. This distinction has torn apart issues like gay marriage, one of the most debated topics of our lifetime. Those against gay marriage being legalized have many reasons and opinions that give them their own personal world view and ideal …show more content…

Why does one person believe in equality while the other denies it to a certain person? Religion stands out as being one of the major contributing factors to the rejection of gay marriage, or homosexuality in general. Most popular religions (Christianity, Judaism, Islam) have religious text or proclamation that has been either misinterpreted or used incorrectly to justify the indecency and perversion of homosexuality. Religious views and homosexuality can also be related to cultural bias. I imagine that if I had been born into a different home, I might have a different view of the homosexuality debate. Having a religious background can develop your ideas on the issue, but where you are from holds more importance to the development of ideas. Currently our world is being bombarded with new information due to the increase in technology development. If your beliefs lie in science, it is well known by now that sexual orientation is biological rather that the once and still believed notion that it is a choice. As human beings, we need to understand this distinction to intelligently argue this topic. With that said, we need to begin to understand arguments those who are opposed to gay marriage use to backup their beliefs.

A major argument used against gay marriage that I hear often is that “it’s against nature”. In my environmental studies class, we recently read an

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