Essay about Surrealism and Radically New Approach

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1. Use the words relativity and uncertainty in a paragraph that describes the revolution in modern physics that took place in the early twentieth century. Modern physicists found, however, that at the physical extremes of nature-the microcosmic realm of atomic particles and the macrocosmic world of heavy astronomical bodies-the laws of Newton’s principia did not apply. German physicist, Albert Einstein, made public his special theory of relativity, a radically new approach to the new concepts of time, space, motion, and light. Building on Einstein’s theories, Werner Heisenberg theorized that since the very act of measuring subatomic phenomena altered them, the position and the velocity of a subatomic particle could not be measured…show more content…
5. How did the media of photography and film respond to the modernist aesthetic? Photography was an ideal medium with which to explore the payers of the unconscious mind. Modernist photographers experimented with double exposure and unusual new effects similar to those of visionary Surrealist painters and sculptors. A champion of the technique, Raoul Hausmann, called photomontage “the ‘alienation’ of photography”. By this, he implied that photomontage destroyed the role of photography as a medium of recreating physical reality. But the statement also suggests that by its dependence on fragmentation and dislocation, photomontage offered a visually and conceptually new image of the chaos of an age of war and revolution. 7. Create a stream-of-consciousness diary entry of your experiences since you awoke this morning. Does your entry capture these experiences more effectively than a narrative description of them might? When I woke up in the morning, first thing I have to do is go to bathroom. During that time I bring my cellphone inside and check my E-mail, facebook and so on. All of my friends are in China, because of time difference, I always check it in the morning. I still remember the time that I spend with my friends in China, we can do anything we want. One time, we drink all night in my friend house, everyone got drunk and we just like the movie, which is “hangover”. I really like this movie, it’s so funny. I watched this movie with my

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