Surrogacy And The Adoption Of The Surrogate

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Q1) As a doctor how would you deconstruct the concept of surrogacy for our readers who may want to go in for the option? Please elucidate with two different types of surrogacy etc
A1) Surrogacy is a process in which a woman carries and delivers a baby for someone else because of some problems involving the intended parents. The women who delivers is the gestational surrogate or carrier. The parents are called as “intended parents”. They are fully involved in the pregnancy, present at birth and become the child 's parents after its birth. There are two types of surrogacy
1. Gestational surrogacy- The baby here is not genetically related to the surrogate. Eggs come from intended mother and sperm from intended father. Sometimes donor eggs, …show more content…

When would you suggest a couple to opt for surrogacy?
A2.) Surrogacy is an arrangement when a woman agrees to carry a pregnancy for another couple who will become the newborn’s parents after birth of the baby.
The couple is asked to opt for surrogacy if the patient does not have a uterus, she has problems in uterus, she is unable to carry pregnancy safely, pregnancy is medically impossible, serious medical condition that could be exacerbated by pregnancy or cause significant risk to fetus, biological inability to conceive( homosexual couple). It is also an option if the couple has had multiple failures in IVF.
If the surrogate receives monetary compensation, it is called commercial surrogacy. If no payment is done except for medical reimbursement and basic pregnancy expenses, it is called as altruistic surrogacy.

Q3) What kind of medical, emotional and legal/paperwork preparations that a couple requires to undergo before opting for surrogacy?
A3) Decision to use surrogacy is very complicated and psychosocial education and counselling by a qualified mental health professional should be given to all intended parents. Genetic parents should undergo genetic evaluation, complete medical and physical evaluation. Before acceptance and within six months of creating the embryos to be transferred, genetic parents undergo the following tests and if found positive, the genetic

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