Issues Related to Surrogacy Essay example

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Issues Related to Surrogacy

The general notions with regards to the possibility of surrogacy seem to have old origins.(LT) The history of Surrogacy goes way back to the beginning of time; in the Holy Bible and in Roman history. Surrogacy has been a controversial medical process that has faced authorized issues since its arrival. Because surrogacy is used to help an infertile couple have a child, many people are overlooking the fact that there are risks and difficult choices to go along with this issue. In the United States, the first known case of surrogacy occurred in California in the mid-1970s (LT). Official reports on this issue published in the United States lack statistical information on the number of births that were the …show more content…

This physical problem is whereas a female is born without a womb to carry an embryo. But let’s look at the other side of the situation. Men are the cause of surrogacy as well. One problem men may have is sperm production problems. That can be caused by a medical issue such as being born with Down Syndrome. But if there isn’t a male in the situation, then most likely, it is the woman’s problem.

There are thousands of children in Africa that need to be adopted but instead people are surrogating. That is a huge issue so many people are overlooking because they are so focused on having their own baby by surrogacy that they don’t think about adoption and the children that has already been brought into the world and not token care of. The two most common reasons for couples to choose surrogacy rather than adoption is having the ability to have that biological connection with the child and they don’t want to go through a home study investigation for the family because they might not get

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