Surveillance and Spying on the Home Front Since 9/11

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Every since 9/11, the surveillance in the United States has become stricter and of more importance. The security is more top-notch than it has ever been because of the fear a future terrorist attack striking once again. The United States government is doing this for safety issues and the protection of Americans, but many are against the whole idea of having the government spy on you and others actually agree with it.
John Yoo who was the deputy assistant general in the Justice Department's office of Legal Councel and he also took part in the legality of the NSA domestic surveillance program. Yoo supports government surveillance.
One of Yoo's arguments is since that the enemy is a group of people and not a nation, these terrorists can possibly disguise themselves as American citizens. The NSA has to identify where certain communications can reveal certain threats. Al Qaeda is disguising messages and the NSA is trying their best to interpret them and found out the meanings. Yoo says that Al Qaeda uses the Internet, uses cell phones, and talks on the phone like average innocent Americans. So NSA needs to be able to interpret all types of communication. Yoo says that during Wartime enemies are trying to attack the U.S. and since the government needs to take action they have the right constitutional power to try to intercept the communications to try to see if let's say this person making the call is a potential enemy. When the interviewer brings up the fourth amendment and

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