Essay about Survey of Marijuna Usage at Texas Christian University

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Marijuana usage when discussed brings about debate and division no matter the forum. This is a topic that many individuals feel either one or the other about. Very few feelings can be described as “Middle of the Road”. As students at Texas Christian University we felt that in the time we were in attendance no one had tried to measure how students felt and view Marijuana. This information could be used by organizations such as NORML; it could help them decide whether or not pursuing a NORML chapter on TCU’s campus would be worthwhile. NORML is a marijuana advocacy group that is working to “move public opinion sufficiently to legalize the responsible use of marijuana”.
Our study tries to determine what people know and what people think they know marijuana use, Some questions fall in the realm of criminal justice, others with in health and a few in the possibility of alternatives to marijuana use. For example across the United States there are many different ways marijuana use handled in the criminal justice realm. According to the MPP, Marijuana Policy Project, Kansas is one the state with some the harshest drug policies. If an individual is caught with a gram of marijuana they face a one year prison stay and a one thousand dollar fine. Any subsequent marijuana charges can carry a prison stay of at least 10 months and up to three and a half years. Also they would be faced with a one hundred thousand dollar fine. In comparison according to NORML Texas also have some harsh…