Survival International : A Global Movement

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Survival International is an INGO, involved in a global movement fighting for the rights of over 150 million indigenous peoples all around the world. (Anya 2001) Their plan of action is to defend the tribes and protect their land from foreign invaders that are looking to “civilize” and “modernize” the peoples. Most of the tribes have been subjected to violence, slavery, and racism. Outsiders, such as tourists, are not welcome among these tribes. They want to be left alone and not involved in the rest of society. Survival International is willing to work with these tribes in order to make sure the tribes’ wishes are met without violence. Survival International also wants all tribes to flourish around the world in hopes that their unique lifestyle will one day been seen as something beautiful and intriguing in the eyes of the rest of humanity. It is Survival International’s goal to help the tribes live in peace. It has been in charge of multiple medical and self help projects, protests, and lobbies associated with the tribes. (Survival International Website) In this report, I show how Survival International has globalized over the years in order to defend the rights and prevent the annihilation of tribal people around the world through fundraisers, campaigns, and volunteer work. In order to conduct my research, I relied heavily on Survival International’s website:, as well as multiple scholarly articles from different databases, such as
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