Susan Rankine 's Citizen : An American Lyric

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It’s perhaps the only force in the planet that cannot be wiped away by evolution, or even medicine. It’s like a disease that does not have a vaccine. You can only fight it so long before it gets to you. You can only be considered lucky if you were to escape that disease. Racism is like a cancer: it spreads, and you can’t avoid it once it reaches you. You can only hope.
Claudia Rankine’s Citizen: An American Lyric is a collection of poetry and criticism that challenges us as citizens to think about the fixity and ordinariness of racism as experienced by people of color who are often rendered as non-citizen subjects by society today. Many of the poems are structured around the daily forms of racism that many people of color experience. The poems remind us of the multiple ways black bodies have been and continue to be assaulted—even in ways that are not observed by the media. The irony of those who oppose the killing of people of color is that members of the same public perpetuate many of the racial motivated crimes themselves, and they are the ones that decry the most extreme form of racism, murder.
With all of the racism that is currently devouring our societal sphere, Citizen helps shed a light that racism is a real issue, and that we really need to get our senses together because it is the 21st century. We are going back to a time where we segregate blacks and white. We fear certain religions and groups of people where Donald Trump is running for President while a…
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