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Susanna Kaysen's Journal-Memoir, Girl, Interrupted

Sane or normal people have wondered at one time or another what it is like in a hospital that houses the insane. Susanna Kaysen opens the door to the reality and true insanity of being a patient in a mental hospital renowned for famous ex-patients, including Ray Charles Sylvia Plath, and James Taylor in her book, Girl, Interrupted. She stays focused on reality and her idea of perception as well as the friendships she acquires in her two year stay at McLean Hospital and her recovery period once she is released.

Girl, Interrupted, written by Susanna Kaysen, is a documentation of her tay in a psychiatric hospital including events building up to her taxi ride to the hospital …show more content…

Susanna remembers Daisy being a seasonal patient who usually came to the hospital just before
Thanksgiving and stayed through Christmsas every year. Her two passions were laxatives and chicken. Every morning she would drum the nurse's station for her Colace or Ex-Lax and twice a week her father would bring and oven-roasted chicken baked by her mother and wrapped in aluminum foil. Daisy's father would often stay long periods of time. Lisa made the assumption that he could not believe that he had made her and wanted to have sex with her to make sure she was real. Not long after Susanna arrived, Daisy's father bought her an apartment to move into. Soon after, Daisy committed suicide. Lisa Cody was another brief character introduced who wanted to be like the original Lisa in everyway. They started out close but eventually the old Lisa got tired of it. One day Lisa Cody just disappeared never to be heard from again. On another occassion, a girl named Alice Calais was admitted to the hospital. At first she was very quiet and timid. Everyone liked her except Lisa, who did not like anyone really, and after about a month she exploded like a volcano at which point she was taken to maximum security. Susanna and her group of friends wnet to visit her one day in maximum security. Susanna describes her ward a vacation compared to maximum security which had bars on the windows, no doors on the bathrooms, and

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