Suspense In The Poed By Edgar Allen Poe And W. W Jacobs

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In the stories made by Edgar Allen Poe and W.W Jacobs, both include the use of suspense by using the setting, used devices, and death. “Suspense is the feeling of growing tension and excitement felt by a reader. Suspense makes a reader curious about a outcome of a story or event within a story”.A story needs suspense to give it some tension to grow later in the story. Most authors use suspense to make the reader find the book interesting and go farther into the book. An example of suspense in real life would be like if you're home alone and you hear noises in the house. Many authors use setting to create suspense. Edgar Allen Poe and W.W Jacobs create dark and dreary settings to enhance the suspense in their short stories. The protagonist in “The Tell-Tale Heart” by poe, uses the cover of darkness to kill the old man. The use of a dark room would create suspense. As a result, “His room was as dark as pitch with the thick darkness” (90) would show that the setting was dark. That quote explains that the setting is supposed to create or start the suspense. During “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Poe, the story uses setting to create suspense by the protagonist talking about the darkness and telling the readers that the suspense is building. At the same time, W.W Jacobs used setting and created suspense by describing the setting outside in a creepy way. Jacobs uses setting on page 105 with his quote. Although, “Without, the night was cold and wet” (105). The quote would explain how
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