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Swannanoa Palace is a beautiful mansion that rests atop Afton Mountain in Nelson County Virginia. It was built over an eight year time period by James Dooley as a token of love for his wife, Sallie Dooley. The name was given to their home in honor of Sallie's love for swans and how they choose one mate for life. Construction of this palace was completed in 1912 with the effort of 300 artisans and two contractors. The couple also had another home in Richmond, Virginia. This home was formally known as “Maymont”. The name was derived from Sallie's maiden name – May, and the french word for hill – Mont. This home was extraordinary for it's time. It was a 12,000 square foot home that was divided into 33 rooms. The Dooley's were very …show more content…

It also consisted of a library, this was exceptional in it's own, not to mention the the Latin quotations in the woodwork. The walls in the Louis XV style ballroom were covered with golden fabric, it also contains a mantle with angels carved into it's marble surface. Swannanoa was made up of 52 rooms, including the ones mentioned above. The exterior of this palace was just as incredible as the inside. In Rome, there is a building called the Villa Medici, from this, the contractors and artisans created the appearance of Swannanoa. The Dooley's built their palace on 126 acres of land just above the Rockfish Gap. This home is truly astonishing, inside and out. The history of Swannanoa is just as engaging as the palace itself. The history of it being built is something very significant in it's history. The construction of this palace in 1912 was marked at $2 million dollars. However, building a house of those means today would be priced at over $20 million dollars. Swannanoa was built over a time period of eight years. Two contractors were hired from Waynesboro, Va – Mr. Ellis and Virgil Moyer. This palace has had many purposes throughout it's 97 years of existence. It was originally built by James Dooley as a Summer home and a token of love for his wife. After James and Sallie passed away, Swannanoa was sold and turned into Swannanoa Country Club, which was abandoned when the stock market crashed. In 1948, Walter and

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