Swastika: Misunderstood Beauty

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One of the most important and significant symbols for many cultures is the swastika. The word “swastika” can be broken up into four syllables Su, Asti, Ik, and A, which when combined means “to exist continuously in good condition”. Unfortunately, because of the adoption of this symbol by the Nazis, it is regarded by many as the symbol of death and racism. Prior to their adoption of the Swastika, it was regarded as an important symbol to many cultures both ancient and recent for good luck. Even American's used it for good luck and wishes of prosperity. Coca-Cola created a pendant with the swastika as the design to advertise its massively sought-after drink. From post-cards to athletic teams, the swastika's use was embraced. For most of history, the symbol was regarded with honor.

The swastika has been found in many places dating back several millenia. It was found in the civilizations of China and Egypt as well as India. The common swastika originates from India. Artifacts outside of the region have also used this symbol with their own slight variations. Greek coins, Scandinavian artifacts, pre-Christian Celtic artifacts, the catacombs of the early Christians in Rome, and several buildings during the Byzantine period used the swastika as decorative images. Native Americans have also used the swastika to represent good luck. However, it was not always regarded with the same kind of respect after the rise of the Nazi party during WWII.

Hitler adopted the swastika

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