Sweat Shops in Mexico Essay

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Imagine working tirelessly in a factory all day with the constant pressure of trying to support your family. This is the reality for millions of Mexican workers employed in maquiladoras. Maquiladoras are factories of foreign companies, mostly American, that use Mexican natives to build their products. The problem is many believe work for these improvised people is a good thing. However, the conditions of the factories are dangerous and the many implications of having these foreign factories in Mexico do not benefit the people in the long run. Maquiladoras ignore the well-being of workers proving that they should be banned. The working conditions in the Maquiladoras endanger workers. Women workers are denied access to social, …show more content…

“A sea of more than 23 million unemployed or underemployed workers, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, creates downward pressure on wages and working conditions, and means there are plenty of workers willing to accept increasingly low-paid, non-union jobs with few or non-existent benefits” (Paterson). Mexico’s economic growth has been limited by a need for structural reforms in the labor and fiscal sectors (Villarreal). Mexico cannot grow because the trade between the United States and their country is not equal. The American companies get cheap labor and sell the product for more than they were made. “Mexico relies heavily on the United States as an export maker” (Villarreal). Mexico dependency on the United States hinders them. If the U.S. falls economically, like during recession, Mexican workers are effected. “The Great Recession has led to unsafe working conditions, unpaid overtime, fewer benefits, and speed-ups on the shop floor” (Paterson). 79% of Mexico’s total exports going to the U.S in 2011 (Villarreal). Mexico main export products go to the Unites States which means Mexico makes a tremendous amount of products for the United States, but the country does not get as much profit back to help their workers. Corporations avoid tax system and trade restrictions (Villarreal). The corporations do not play fair

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