The Argument Against Sweatshops

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When someone says “sweatshop” a lot of different images come to mind. Probably images of workers huddled around a table working in low lighting on a good that’s worth less than three dollars. That image would, depending on the sweatshop, not actually be that far from the truth. However, even though that would be an example of a sweatshop, sweatshops are actually much more prevalent if the definition is extended to include any factory or workshop that manual workers are employed at for very low wages for long hours under poor conditions and many health risks. Sweatshops are essentially any working conditions that violate the human rights of the workers. There are a considerable amount of ethical concerns for the argument against the prevalence of sweatshops, even though there several economic arguments for the existence and prevalence of sweatshops in developing countries. The big debate involves criticism of unethical behavior perpetrated by corporations versus the argument for the economic value and the undeniable infrastructure sweatshops bring to underdeveloped countries. The main argument against the creation of sweatshops is that there several ethical violations involved in running a sweatshop. Multinational corporations play an important role in creating opportunities for people in less developed countries but they also perform a substantial role in regulating and maintaining ethical working conditions. The working conditions in sweatshops are often long hours, low

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