Sweatshop, By Karl Marx

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Exam 2: Marx
In this short essay I will apply the concepts of exploitation, alienation and labour theory of value from Karl Marx’s theory to analyze the practice of sweatshops and the actors involved. Marx’s theory about exploitation in application to the practice of sweatshops directs us to think about the downfalls of an capitalist system that oppresses the poor working class. Furthermore, Marx’s theory regarding the alienation of workers from nature and the product directs us to think about the implications of a system in which mass production jobs are specialized, and its directed impact on an individual’s mental state as well as it’s limitation of social mobility. Finally, Marx’s labour theory of value directs us to think about the mass …show more content…

According to Marx’s labour theory of value, the value of the product is equal to the amount of labour it takes to produce it (Longofer & Winchester, 2016, p. 125). However, when the product enters the market, it’s value is hiked, often exceeding the original value. An important distinction to note is that the workers do not receive compensation equivalent to the product’s market value. These individuals are overworked and exceeding the necessary labour, which is basically breaking even with the expenses of producing the product. From an objective standpoint, the workers need to exceed the necessary labour in order to gain a surplus for the sweatshop owner. However, the surplus labour can become an exploitative measure in which the majority of the profits are reaped by the owners. Ideally, the surplus revenue is to be shared among the government through taxation and the owners (Powell 2017: Feb 15). The government would then invest into public funding and social issues that would improve the lives of their constituents, especially the lower working class. However, the lax regulations and lack of intervention by the governments regarding wages and working conditions, reveal the governments priorities or interest do not lie in closing down …show more content…

One of the bigger issues of capitalism is the class conflict it creates, which is demonstrated through the exploitative practices of the poor working class by the Bourgeoisie. The impact of capitalism is having an effects on a global scale. In a capitalist society, wealth is not distributed equally and in the process of aiding the rich to get richer, in both countries that outsource this work as well as in countries that employ sweatshops, the working class are suffering. In the simplest economic terms, the more we consume, the more demand it creates, which only increase the quotas for sweatshops. Another issue within the formulation of sweatshops is the mass consumption of products by individuals in western and developed countries. The products that are sold on the market are often inexpensive to an individual that is protected by minimum wage and social regulations, which allows for leisure time, usually spent purchasing commodities and products. However, the individuals in these sweatshops are not provided the same protection, and often find themselves unable to afford the products they

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