Switching To Nuclear Energy

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People who support nuclear energy argue that it is an efficient source of energy. This means that energy can be produced quickly and people can use it when they need it. It makes enough energy to provide people with their desired needs. These people also believe that it is easy to make the switch to nuclear power. That it is easy to add power plants and switch to nuclear energy. People who agree with nuclear energy believe that even though it takes carbon dioxide to create these power plants, once they are running, they will cut down on CO2 emissions (1). It is very deceiving because at first it appears like we would be eliminating the majority of fossil fuels that are being burned. However, people don't realise that even though the factories…show more content…
Building enough power plants to provide the world with energy would mean increasing our CO2 production in the process of making them. Once the power plants are built, although they don't use CO2 to produce energy, to keep the factories running and transport all of the waste releases more CO2 (1). Switching to renewable energy would progress us further into stopping climate change. We would be cutting down on CO2 emissions by a much greater amount. This would make a more significant difference on the climate change (1). This shows that using renewables would make a larger impact on the world and how to help save it. The Industry already has technology to switch to 100% renewables, they just don't want to let go of their nuclear technology (4). Another danger of nuclear power is the risk of terrorism and violence. People are worried that if violent protesters advance on nuclear technology, the amount of violences will increase. This is another reason to end our nuclear technology knowledge while we can (1). Furthermore, not only do nuclear plants harm the industry and economy, they also harm the people and the environment. The evidence is showing that being around nuclear radioactivity causes people to have cancer. Not only does the radiation cause people to have cancer, but it also damages their DNA. Additionally, it harms the environment, not just humans. Animal's are affected in several different forms. Some examples are, Diarrhea, vomiting, internal bleeding, anemia, exhaustion, permanent sterilization and death
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